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passisash triple glazed windows

sash look alike windows

Our sash look alike windows were developed when retrofitting two Victorian houses in London to Passivhaus standard, both of which were in conservation areas. Sash windows are integral features in many historic buildings but they perform poorly in trying to conserve heat and energy.

Our solution was to design a triple glazed window which resembles a sliding sash but with a vastly improved thermal performance. This was achieved by upgrading the glazing, fixing the top sash in place so it cannot be opened and installing the bottom sash on a tilt and turn mechanism. In addition to this there are three compression seals which provide a level of air tightness which is unattainable in a sliding sash window.

An added benefit of the triple glazing and the extra seals is that our sash look alike windows are much better at cutting out the noise from outside.

Although the window has the specification of a modern window we have worked hard to maintain the traditional appearance and elegance of a sliding sash window.

  • Timber: Accoya/Hardwood/Softwood
  • Glazing: 4-16-4-16-4 PLANILUX with low e coating, argon filled
  • Spacer: warm edged spacer bar
  • Ironmongery: Roto tilt and turn mechanism – wide choice of handles available
  • More details available on enquiry