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Become a L’Oreal Sustainable Salon

The first step to becoming a L’Oréal Professional Products sustainable salon is to book a greentomatoenergy energy survey. There are two types of survey:

Short survey
For a high level review of your salon and list of recommendations, greentomatoenergy can carry out a short survey for a fee of £150 + VAT, £180 in total. You’ll need to complete the questionnaire, which includes letting us have your energy and water bills and providing us with some photos and pay the fee. Click here for the questionnaire.

Long survey

For a more detailed review of your salon where greentomatoenergy’s engineers will visit your salon and provide you with a detailed report, setting out exactly what you’ll need to do, there’s a fee of £550 + VAT, £660 in total. This is probably best when you’re planning renovations to your salons.

To arrange payment please contact info@greentomatoenergy.com