Passivhaus logoPassivHaus is a voluntary building standard developed in Germany and now commonly used all over northern Europe. There are six main rules to building a PassivHaus. These rules ensure the building has very low energy and heating requirements, 90% lower than an average house.

  • Super Insulation – ensuring excellent heat retention within the building
  • Excellent draught proofing – the house has so few gaps and holes that almost no air can enter the building other than through the carefully controlled heat recovery ventilation system
  • Passive solar gain – carefully placed windows mean the sun will warm the building naturally
  • Ventilation with heat recovery – this allows you to capture all the heat usually lost from uncontrolled air leakage
  • Low energy appliances – the most energy efficient appliances can dramatically help you reduce your energy consumption
  • Renewable energy sources – using solar PV and thermal, wind or other renewable sources allows you to be even more energy independent

greentomatoenergy specialises in passivhaus design and building techniques. Visit our ecohome blog or case studies to find out more about one of our passivhaus retrofits.

The building trade is about to experience a revolution. For the last 30 years, sustainable building has been creeping into every aspect of development – from foundations to roofs, walls to windows, the latest low energy technologies are being tested and installed in new builds and renovations alike. These technologies are getting cheaper, more efficient and easier to use. Soon we will be deploying them across the UK on a huge scale, resulting in comfortable and energy efficient buildings.

Whether you decide to create the ultimate low energy house – such as this one we have now had certified to passivhaus standards – or simply want to create a more thermally comfortable and efficient house, we have the real, practical experience to make it happen. Our design and project management team will use this experience to provide you with implementable solutions for your home.

Building your own home can be an exciting and fulfilling project. Incorporating low energy measures into a new build is beautifully simple compared to a renovation. As well as this, by 2016, all new builds will have be zero carbon. Why not get in ahead of the times and keep your bills down at the same time?

greentomatoenergy specialises in passivhaus design and building techniques. The passivhaus code surpasses all energy standards for new builds in the UK and doesn’t result in huge additional capital costs.

If all this sounds like too much, we can also help you build an extremely energy efficient house without going the whole hog. Our building experience means we can help you with every aspect of design, engineering and completion of your project.

Our houses are built from structural, insulated timber panels, or SIPs. The benefits of these are both environmental and economical:

  • a very low carbon footprint – all wood is sourced from sustainable forests.
  • easy to build – your building can be erected in a matter of weeks.
  • very clean buildings – no dust from bricks or concrete.
  • insulation is incorporated in the walls – no loss of space in your building.
  • easily designed to any specification – build your home as you want it.
  • walls and roofs are built off site and delivered in one piece – no bricks and sand lying around.
  • comparable prices to a normal new build at a fraction of the running costs.

This is most usually done during a renovation. If you are looking to make alterations to your building, then adding low energy measures is surprisingly simple. Consider adding insulation, making your building airtight, adding new energy-efficient windows and installing ventilation with heat recovery – do this and the energy performance of your building will be dramatically improved.

greentomatoenergy has lots experience in very low energy retrofits. We can advise you on the best methods, design the technologies and recommend the best installers.