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ESOS compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a new energy assessment scheme that is mandatory for some organisations. It is part of the UK’s EU commitments and is managed by the Environment Agency.

ESOS is intended to identify areas of large energy use and energy saving opportunities. Whilst some view this as a compliance burden, the best value can be gained by identifying implementable opportunities and actually implementing them!

For more information on ESOS and how you can comply quickly, simply and cost-effectively whilst taking advantage of opportunities, please read our quick guide below or contact us

Who's affected?

ESOS applies if your organisation either:

  1. has annual turnover exceeding €50M (£35m) and a balance sheet value that is in excess of €43M (£33M), or
  2. employs more than 250 people, or
  3. is part of a corporate group with ‘large undertakings’ in the UK that meet certain criteria.

What's required?

If your organisation or group fulfils the criteria, then you are required to measure at least 90% of the energy consumption arising out of your operations (i.e. buildings, transport and industrial processes). ESOS allows you flexibility in your approach. For example, if you operate a large number of sites, you can survey a representative sample. Other compliance approaches include using Display Energy Certificates or Green Deal Assessments where most of your energy use is in buildings.

At a basic level, in order to comply with ESOS you need:

  1. to collect at least 12 months of energy consumption data, which must include December 2014,
  2. identify opportunities for making savings and estimate their lifetime cost, and
  3. appoint an approved lead ESOS assessor to review the approach to compliance and make the relevant submission with the Environment Agency.

greentomatoenergy has established a process to make this happen for organisations quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

When should I act?

The ESOS scheme works in four-year cycles. For the first cycle, the submission need to be made to the Environment Agency by 5 December 2015. So the time to start acting is now.

What should I do?

greentomatoenergy see the scheme as more than compliance. As its name suggests, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is better seen as an opportunity to make substantial energy efficiency and running cost savings. Such opportunities will lead to ongoing carbon savings and often comfort and other business improvements. Whilst there is no legal requirement to implement the opportunities identified during the course of ESOS compliance, the greatest value from the scheme can only be obtained through such implementation.

Our approach

To maximise value, we use a modular three stage approach to the ESOS compliance process that allows us to align with your business:

1) Compliance strategy
– Analyse & verify data provided
– Compare data to relevant benchmarks and determine areas of significant consumption
– Agree audit methodology, key roles, sampling timetable and scope

2) Audits and recommendations
– Carry out energy audits
– Engage with end-users
– Identify opportunities
– Calculate savings
– Prepare reports

3) Compliance evidence pack
– Present results to board member for sign-off
– Notify compliance to Environment Agency (by 5 Decmeber 2015)

Our delivery team

Our ESOS delivery team will ensure that you meet your ESOS obligations with a minimum of fuss, whilst gaining maximum value from our practical energy saving recommendations. Unlike many consultancies, we are also able to help you to practically deliver these energy saving actions using our practical experience.

Clare Das Bhaumik (Inkling LLP)
As Lead Assessor, Claire will remain responsible for your overall ESOS compliance. She is a highly experienced Chartered Engineer, a CIBSE Fellow and an expert in building physics. She has previously worked for URS (formally Scott Wilson) and Hoare Lea as a Building Physicist and at BRE, developing the SBEM tool. She is also a CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant and Low Carbon Energy Assessor accredited for EPC production for complex buildings.

Will Ray
As Audit Manager, Will and his team will be responsible for delivering the audits. Will has over 14 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of low carbon buildings and sustainability. A qualified engineer, he was previously head of the energy design centre at the Rockwool Group in the UK, Technology Strategy Manager at The Carbon Trust and Sustainability Engineer at the British Antarctic Survey.