Oxfordshire – getting off the gas grid with low energy technology

greentomatoenergy was engaged by this client for the rebuild of her home in Oxfordshire. The house is off the gas-grid, so the client wanted to reduce energy consumption and use its oil-fired boiler as little as possible. The beautiful views at the South of the house meant that there was lots of glazing on this aspect, so overheating analysis had to be undertaken.

We provided an initial design review and detailed design services and onsite management services.

The house has a ground source heat pump to provide underfloor heating, solar thermal to heat the swimming pool and solar PV was also installed to meet the higher electricity demand of the home office. More fancy than that, an underground heat exchanger and a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system pre-heat the incoming air using the heat from the stale outgoing air. This means that the backup oil fired boiler will only be required on particularly cold days.

  • The beautiful home had lots of south-facing windows, so we provided an overheating analysis
  • The back garden view of the Oxfordshire home
  • The back garden at the retrofit eco home
  • Monthly energy consumption shows that the oil boiler was no longer used after June - as per the client's desires