Chichester – Low energy retrofit with External Wall Insulation (EWI)

Our clients moved out of the big smoke to Chichester and wanted a house that was warm, comfortable and with low running and maintenance costs.

They are doing a lot of the work themselves and have become experts at identifying thermal bridges, air tightness detailing and knowing when to call us for help!
The project has EWI on existing cavity walls, low e-glass double-glazed PVC windows and one triple-glazed curtain wall in the living room, a Regavent MVHR system and an air tightness level of 3 ach@ 50Pa.

greentomatoenergy prepared an initial design brief, giving the clients their project strategy, ongoing detailed design advice and installed the solar PV.

Our clients are already feeling the benefit of the improvement to the thermal efficiency of the building, despite having a good way to go yet on the internal fit out and finishing. Meter readings are already going in the right direction!

  • Front view of the low energy eco home in the countryside
  • Front view of the low energy eco home in the countryside
  • View of the insulation panelling for a low energy eco home in the countryside
  • Ducts and services which puncture the airtight layer have to be wrapped to prevent unwanted leaks
  • Front view of the eco home pre-renovation
  • Back view of the countryside eco home pre-renovation
  • Monthly energy consumption figures pre- and post-eco renovation