About us

The world is changing. We are moving from the Industrial Age to the Clean Energy Age, a new period in which we will use less energy, more efficiently.  The energy that we do use will be clean, renewable and most likely generated and delivered by a much more decentralised structure.

We design, supply and install renewable energy technologies and are specialists in low energy and passivhaus building. With a focus on offering outstanding personalised service, we deliver high quality, low- and zero-energy solutions for all types and sizes of projects.

We have a network of highly experienced installers and builders and because we are not tied to any single manufacturer or technology, the solutions we recommend are the most appropriate for your project and budget.

Generate energy
Solar PV, ground/air source heat pumps, solar thermal and wind. We offer supply, installation and financing advice/services.

Save energy
Consultancy services as to which technologies are most appropriate for your energy needs and budget. We offer project management and installation services.

Low energy building
Energy saving measures such as insulation, double/triple glazed windows and MVHR. Low energy / passivhaus new-builds and whole-house retrofits.  We offer advisory, project management and installation services.

Our clients
Home owners, businesses, developers, architects, local authorities, housing associations.

We work towards a set of values that helps us to do this

We maintain the highest standards in everything we do. This means no pushy sales techniques, no on-the-spot discounts and being open in everything we do. This also means treating everyone – customers, suppliers and staff – with honesty and respect at all times.

As green as possible
We strive to be innovative and creative in providing solutions which are not only kinder to the environment, but which also meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Value for money
We are committed to ensuring that we use technologies, products and techniques which offer the best value for our clients.

User friendly
We don’t believe in making things complicated.  Our solutions should be practical and easy to integrate into everyday life.

Our business is about improving people’s lives in every way we can.  We will not only make it possible for you to help the environment, but also to improve your life in a real, tangible way.

There are plenty of things we are doing that are not sustainable – poisoning the sea, polluting the air, cutting down the forests and much more. greentomatoenergy believes in a future where we use the world’s resources efficiently and generate our energy from clean and renewable sources.

The science of climate change
Heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere such as carbon dioxide (CO2) give the earth a natural “greenhouse” effect. This effect ensures the planet maintains the right temperature to sustain life. We have been adding to this “greenhouse” effect, mainly by burning fossil fuels (which release CO2) and destroying forests (which soak up CO2).

Even after taking into account naturally occurring causes of warming such as solar activity, cosmic rays and volcanoes, man-made greenhouse gas emissions remain the only explanation for recent warming trends and unusual climate patterns. As we add further greenhouse gases, this warming is likely to continue and may even accelerate due to things called “feedback cycles”.

Fossil fuels
But it’s not just about climate change. The world is running out of traditional forms of energy – oil, gas and coal. Many scientists predict that we are about to reach, or have already passed, the age of peak oil – when the amount of oil produced worldwide reaches a peak and from then onwards commences a permanent decline.

In the UK, supplies of fossil fuels have been dwindling for some time and we now rely on other countries to sell their fuel to us, leaving us in a potentially vulnerable position.

So what can we do?
First, and most importantly, we need to reduce the amount of energy we use. This can be done by implementing a series of simple measures – switching things off when you’re not using them, turning the thermostat down by 1°C and re-using things when possible.

But you can also do much more – insulate and draught-proof your home, install a whole range of energy saving measures, and invest in your own renewable energy system.